Our Mission.

The Westlund Group exists to enable and empower small to medium sized Canadian businesses who love what they do.

" Don’t do what you love. Love what you do. "

- Andrew Westlund, President of the Westlund Group

Our Values.

The Westlund Group stands on three values, shaping the way we do business and the success of the companies that come into our group.

  • Drive

    Start small. Dream big. Learn fast. Every company within our group started with this mantra. We don’t shy away from unfamiliar territory, we push forward always setting our goals on bigger and better things.

  • Disruption

    Systems were meant to be broken. Our businesses grow when we interrupt our industries and do things different from our competitors. That’s why we find the unique and the impossible, the unheard of and the peripheral, and set out to do it better than anyone else.

  • Authenticity

    While every company in the Westlund Group is guided by the same high-level values, we all look a little different. No two businesses are identical, so we encourage our companies to lean in to what makes them unique and own those characteristics.

Our Group.

Get to know a few of the members that make up the Westlund Group family.

  • Apex Wireless

    Apex Wireless is a national telecommunications consulting firm that specializes in mobility management. Working with all types of clients—from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies—Apex introduces efficiencies and savings into any organization they work with.

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  • Agency Media

    As a video and social media marketing company, Agency has mastered the digital world of marketing and telling other businesses’ stories in a way that connects with people. Their team crafts branded video around each client, finding the best way to present it to an online audience for their client’s success.

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  • Sky Helicopters

    SKY Helicopters is changing the way we think about helicopter tours. From incredible sightseeing experiences and exclusive bucket-list adventures to motion pictures and industry operations, SKY Helicopters stands out by creating experiences you won’t forget.

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  • Whether you’re wrapping a fleet of company vans, changing the colour of your car, or printing a banner, Vinyl Labs has your back. They provide businesses and everyday vehicles with modern wrap designs and apply them with rigorous detail.

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  • Fluid Day Spa

    Fluid is a full-service day spa that emphasizes customer care with a skilled staff and welcoming atmosphere. From full body massage to eyelash extension, Fluid offers a variety of services that are constantly evolving to meet the needs of their clients.

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  • Sky Hangar

    SKY Hangar is a location that always leaves people talking. Located in SKY Helicopters’ garage, this contemporary event venue is known for hosting corporate events, galas, weddings, networking parties, and even a film premiere or two. SKY Hangar is a 6,000 square foot space featuring the amenities needed for practically any event.

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  • Otter Lake Resort and Lodge

    Whether you’re getting away for the weekend or taking your team on a work retreat, Otter Lake Resort and Lodge is tailor-made for relaxation. Nestled on the shore of Otter Lake, this cabin offers 3,000 square feet of living space and the capacity to sleep up to 12 guests. Experience a slower pace of life with downtown Tulameen, BC only a five minute walk away.

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  • Coastal Drone Co.

    Coastal Drone is a drone training and consulting company that offers flexible courses, video services, aerial software analytics, and more. This company is blazing the trail for drone services across Canada and helping educate businesses, pilots, and the public in this changing industry.

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  • Canadian Internet Marketing Conference

    The Canadian Internet Marketing Conference is Western Canada’s largest marketing and PR conference. It attracts some of the biggest speakers in marketing from around North America. In November 2017, the Westlund Group acquired CIMC, rebranding it into a conference that is distinctly our own.

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Work with us.

Being a part of the Westlund Group is more than just a business deal. It’s an opportunity to join a growing team of companies.

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